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Pride of Dixie Huntin' in the Lilly's


EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear| DM: Clear | HNPK: Clear | PRA-prcd: Clear | Cystinuria: Clear​

Birthday: 10/7/2018

Mother: Kylie's Macie Grace

OFA Hips: LR-22336E50F-VPI (Excellent)

Father: Five Forks Timber Tank

OFA Hips: LR228550G44m-PI

OFA Elbow: LR-EL79560M44-PI

EIC: D17-028969-1

Lilly 2.HEIC
Lilly 1.jpg
Lilly 1.HEIC
Lilly 3 .HEIC
Lilly 2.jpg
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