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Pride of Dixie Hammerin' Those Ducks Kirby


DNA #: V10082944

Birthday: 2/11/2022

EIC, CNM, DM, HNPK, PRA-prcd, and Cystinuria - all clear

Father: FC AFC Gunstock's Topshelf Snap Decision (YLW )

DNA #: V10082944

EIC- Clear, CM - Clear, DM - Clear, PRA-prcd - Clear, HNPK - Clear, Cystinuria - Clear
OFA Hips: LR-188655G26M-VPI (Good) | Elbows: LR-EL48082M26-VPI (Normal)
Eyes: LR-EYE6693/83M-VPI (Normal) | 
CNM: (Clear) | EIC: (Clear)

Mother: HR Hollow Hills Hammerin Foxie Roxie SH ( YLW )
Hips: LR-243618G24F-NOPI (Good) | Elbows: LR-EL92775F24-NOPI (Normal)
Eyes: LR-EYE20432/34F-VPI | CNM: LR-CNM2714/19F-PI (CLEAR)

Kirby with ribbon.jpg
Kirby carrying a duck.jpg
Kirby sittin.jpg
Kirby in holding blind.jpg
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